Whether you are heading to the Maldives for a romantic getaway, celebrating a special occasion, or treating yourself with an opulent holiday, these are the three things you mustn’t forget to pack for your overwater bungalow!


Located in the Indian Ocean, on the Equator, the Maldives enjoys sunshine year round with average temperatures between 27-29 °C. The luxury over-water accommodation in typical Maldivian resorts comes with a private secluded deck, direct access to the water, and sometimes even a private pool. So if you’re planning on topping up your tan on your Maldives holiday, don’t forget your sun cream!!

A good read

What better to do on your private peaceful sundeck, overlooking the ocean, than relax with a good book? Whether you have been trying to finish the same book since your last holiday but just haven’t found the time, or you travel armed with a Kindle loaded with the new editions to your reading list, there is no better place to lose yourself.

Waterproof camera

Imagine waking up each morning, wandering out to your deck and seeing the fish swimming around just below the surface! Whether you are planning to go on a scuba diving trip, ot just swimming off your deck, make sure to capture some fun holiday snorkelling selfies and pictures of the incredible marine life with an underwater camera! It will come in handy for those stunning sunrises and sunsets too!

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