Surfing In The Maldives

Discover little-known breaks when you surf the Maldives!

Why surf the Maldives?

The Maldives is known for its laid-back holiday vibe—luxurious, private islands and calm, tropical waters. But it’s what’s in those calm waters that make the Maldives a surprisingly popular surfing destination! Hidden below the water’s surface are stunning coral reefs and troughs that, when combined with the unique weather patterns of the region, form awesome breaks for all levels!

Surf breaks feature in three main zones—the North Malé Atoll, the Central Atolls, and the Southern/Outer Atolls. Each zone varies in terms of swell size, wave direction, and crowding, but you can rest assured that, no matter where you stay in the Maldives, you’ll never be too far away from a great place to paddle!

When should I go?

The short answer—all year round! The surf season changes depending on your destination. In the North Malé Atolls, it runs between March and October. There are clean conditions at the start of this period and swells tend to grow from June onward due to the Southwest Monsoon. Breaks are a good mix of left and right here and can suite all levels of surfer depending on the month!

The Central Atolls have a shorter season, from May to August. While this zone is also influenced by monsoonal patterns, the spots are quite well sheltered. They feature majority right-hand breaks of moderate size and are relatively unknown. Avoid the crowd-factor and surf here in peace!

If crowds don’t bother you so much, try out the Southern/Outer Atolls. While these breaks won’t necessarily be brimming with tourists, the resorts may be. This is because the season is split between late February to April (at the end of peak tourist season) and late August to October. Waves tend to be smaller here, but the south-facing coastlines open the breaks up to some interesting swells in the summer!

No matter what level of surfer you are, or when you’re planning to travel, there are waves waiting for you in the Maldives. To find out more, get in touch with our My Maldives Holiday Experts!