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The Maldives is well-known across the world as a honeymoon destination. With secluded island resorts and luxurious overwater bungalows, it certainly is a great spot for romance, but it can also be a whole lot more! Explore the 26 atolls to the fullest, from north to south. Discover dive spots and surf breaks, cultural hubs and party islands. Stay in ultimate comfort while you do it all and enjoy hand-selected inclusions courtesy of our My Maldives Holiday Experts!

Discover all that the Maldives can offer, right here in the one place! Our Maldives Holiday Experts have divided our properties up to make the planning stages easier for you—so that you can selected the ideal Maldives holiday and complementing experiences! We offer every kind of Maldives retreat possible—from hot deals to enjoy with family, to honeymoon and luxury packages that are sure to kick-start a life rich in love and irreplaceable memories!

Whatever it is that’s drawing you to the Maldives, you’ll be able to find the perfect package for it here amongst all of our Maldives deals. We include flights, transfers, accommodation and more, so take a look through the list now and contact our Maldives Holidays Experts to book yours!

Packages include Flights, Accommodation, Transfers & Bonus Value Extras

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Can’t get enough of the Maldives? Our Maldives Holiday Experts understand that it can be hard to stop daydreaming about this idyllic destination and that’s why, with us, you don’t have to! Get more Maldives with us. Click through our site to read popular Maldives FAQs or learn about the weather! Our Maldives blog has a handful of tips and tricks for future travellers, plus you can also become a Maldives expert by clicking here! Discover all there is to know about the Maldives and get excited for your next trip! If there’s something you feel that we may have left out, contact our My Maldives Holiday Experts and let us know!